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Nice to Meet You!

Would you like to ride a flying surfboard?

CharlotteEfoil is the Charlotte Area's ONLY place to experience this level of awesome.



One student: $75 per hour- 2 hour minimum

Two students: $49 per hour per student- 2 hour minimum

Group sessions up to 10 riders $49 per hour per student 2 hour minimum.

We allow up to 3 students in the water at a time. We switch out riders every hour until all 10 riders have had their experience. We do not prorate ride times. 



want Learn more? give us a call today

CharlotteEfoil fleet:

2 FOIL Boards (getfoil) we have a 5'8 and a 4'8 all wings available 2.5 hour battery

4 Efoilfly NeptunX's

2 MSLR Electric 6'5 and a 5'4

1 LIFT 5'4 cruiser black forged carbon 200 and 250 surf wings for beginners

what is efoil
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