How Rentals Work:

Hello 2021 

$49  per hour, 2 board minimum 




Here you can learn about what we offer, how rentals worklocations, and links to forms

All Aboard!


HELLO  2021  

ONLY $49 

  • Our menu consists of Morning Session and late Afternoon Session during te year, we are flexible and can adjust times to your schedule just let us know when you are requesting your reservations.

  • More sessions will be added  as we monitor what works best for everyone’s safety and enjoyment. 

  • Pricing for entire day / multiple board and Atlantic Ocean travel rentals require special attention. Request a reservation and we will call to discuss your needs.

  • Please fill out our RESERVATION REQUEST so we can contact you with more details and answer any questions you may have.

  • Sunrise, sunset and group foiling sessions can be added as we build our client base also inquire about adventure foiling,

Wow! We can’t wait for all to experience adventure foiling.


Starting with a minimum 2 hour Morning and Afternoon rental sessions 7 days a week (weather permitting). One person one board, sorry we cannot share time.  All sessions include approximately 15 minutes of safety instruction and becoming acquainted with the efoil board itself at a pre-selected Public or Private Launch site. Then using a 4 step learning process (see below) on how to ride the efoil and having an experience you’ll talk about for years to come. See our HOW IT WORKS section for more information.

Experiencing flight over water is easy just REQUEST A RESERVATION and we’ll call you to discuss available times, dates  and locations that meet your needs.

All are welcome to participate as a spectator. Come out to see the newest water sport in action. Come back to our site often or follow us on Instagram for updates as this is a new sport changing almost daily. We will continue to update our site to help keep all our new friends and future customers informed of what’s new and exciting at CharlotteEfoil.

Life jackets and helmets ARE REQUIRED and provided By CharlotteEfoil or bring your own.

All students must have the ability to swim.

WAIVER FORM coming soon will be ready before your first flight.

wave, hello!

Each session consists of introducing the student to this new technology and how to safely use it to create your most optimum experience. Once we’ve introduced the equipment we move onto how to ride.

This will include the 4 basic and FUN steps on how to FOIL.


Foiling from your stomach. Gliding on the board and becoming comfortable with using the hand control and moving across the water while lying on your stomach. Seems simple enough right? Laying flat on your stomach and becoming aware of the hand controller and the speed of the board is the first important step in the learning process. Making turns slower then faster while building confidence. This is your first experience of flight over water. Enjoy!



Foiling from your knees. Moving from your stomach to kneeling on the board and continuing to become aware of how the board, the student and the hand controller work in unison.


Foiling standing up. This is a big step but definitely easily obtainable, once you become more comfortable using the hand control and maintaining your balance this step becomes much easier. If you take your time and stay in the moment you will move quickly to the next level.


Foiling. As your confidence builds you begin to know your boundaries on how fast and high you can go. Once comfortable with moving across the water standing up you can add power to the board and by simply adjusting  your weight position and feet locations you begin to FOIL. Your instructor will show you how to build a foundation of foiling techniques to use while learning that will assist you in moving from standing and skipping over the water to consistently Flying over water for long periods of time.  You’ve done it.

Life jackets and helmets ARE REQUIRED and provided By CharlotteEfoil or bring your own.

All students must have the ability to swim.

WAIVER FORM must be signed before your first flight, we'll send to you once we receive your reservation..




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Launch Locations:

With the help of state and local water patrol and personal water craft authorities during the next several months we are researching launch site locations, public and or private. We are taking the necessary precautions in selecting the safest and what we think will be the most FUN experience for all.

Launch sites around all bodies of water here in the Charlotte area are being considered, including the Atlantic Ocean.  We will travel to your vacation or second home locations like Hilton Head Island or Myrtle Beach if you desire.  Certain restrictions do apply. Fill out our Reservation Request form and we will contact your to make arrangements for your vacation and travel needs.

We are a work in progress. Your own personal private launch sites are considered as well. So if you have a private party or Birthday celebration we can accommodate your EFOIL needs as they come. We are mobile and will come to you! Come back often for a Launch site location update, or feel welcome to contact us.