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Here you will find the corporate session details you need to know.

Carve Your Way to an Experience Like No Other!


Corporate Outing Details to Know:






A full or half day company outing like no other. Bring your team together for an adventure of a lifetime. CharlotteEfoil is redefining how to bring people together. Our Corporate Outing is a 4 hour half day, 7 hour full day Efoil adventure your group will talk about for years to come. The experience of flying over water with your peers is waiting for you. 


Pontoon boats provided by

Looking for just a day on the water? Buckeye Boat Rental of Lake Norman is your place for your boat rental experience. If you are looking for just a pontoon rental, go to 

                                                                                                   Corporate Events Menu

Full day experience: (7 hours) Up to 10 participants, includes pontoon adventure, lunch, beverages, 5 efoils and up to 14 batteries, instructor guide, CharlotteEfoil swag  $2800

Half day experience: (4 hours) Up to 10 participants, includes pontoon, lunch, beverages, 5 efoils and up to 10  batteries, Instructor guide $2400

Half Day- Up to 10 participants (5 hours) instructor guide, 5 efoils and up to 14 batteries $1500

Half Day -5 participants (4 hours) instructor guide, 5 efoils and up to 10 batteries $750


1 person session $75 per hour 2 hour minimum full 2 hours of efoil instruction

2+ person session 2 hour minimum $49 per hour, per board (one person per board) up to 5 people full 2 hour of instruction

5+ people, please call us direct so we can make arrangements to accommodate your group efoil experience. 

Adventure Efoiling, schedule your 2 hour approximately 7 mile Efoil excursion, must have prior Efoil experience  for adventure Efoiling. 

Group Efoil sessions, please call us or request a reservation to arrange your group Efoil day.

Corporate Outings, full or half day lake experiences. Includes pontoon boat, lunch, 5 Efoil boards and up to 14 batteries, CharlotteEfoil swag. 


Safely shredding on!





Corporate Outing things to know.


  • 10 person maximum (pontoon boat max capacity)

  • Your event can be booked for a start times from 8am-12pm and run 7-8 hours. You have the ability to schedule an early start time or mid day start time.  Your choice.

  • All participants must sign our joint waivers which includes CharlotteEfoil and Buckeye Boat Rental of Lake Norman.

  • For Efoil sessions all participants must have the ability to swim

  • Age to participate — You must be 18-years-old and have a valid driver’s license to participate in our class or be accompanied by a parent.  Parents must accompany children under 18 and must give parental consent and sign our waiver.

  • Bring a towel and a change of clothes

  • Efoil Board Capacity — Your safety is our goal. Riders cannot exceed 200 pounds 

  • Instructions & Equipment — We provide thorough safety equipment and operational instructions, we start off with a 15-20 minute ground lesson that includes introducing you to the 4 fundamentals of foiling, handle held control operation, safety on the water, looking out for your fellow foilers, helmet and life jacket sizing, video sharing

  • Alcohol — NO drinking of alcohol before or during efoiling, sorry it just doesn't work. 

  • Public Launch Location — Ramsey Creek Park 18441 Nantz Rd, Cornelius, NC 28078

  • Private Launch Locations: Please submit your private launch location request when booking your event. Must meet CharlotteEfoil safety guidelines. Key things to look for is, must have walk in ability, we need to carry the boards into the water and safely retrieve them without issue. We cannot drop in from a dock without having the ability to safely take the boards out of the water. 

  • Please show up 30 minutes prior to your start time.



  • Sunscreen, we have sunscreen if you forget. 

  • Water, or hydrating beverage.

  • Video camera, you might want to record this. If requested we will record for you and file share all participants.

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